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We all know that bras fit differently, but why? I’m here to support you, and during your bra fitting we’ll talk about why all the bras you’re trying are different, and which is best for you.

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BraLadyOctober 18, 2019 3:15pm
Each of our Bra Lady team runs their own independent bra fitting business in their area. Each bra fitter holds their own stock and often specialises in a particular interest area.

Is there a Bra Lady near you? Only those listed here are part of our network of supported bra fitters.


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BraLadyOctober 18, 2019 9:40am
We are considering running an open bra fitting course to cope with the current demand for training courses.

Would this be of interest to you? Which major UK cities would you be happy to travel to to attend training?

The basic bra fitting course is half day, plus an additional half day for a specialism e.g. maternity and nursing bras, or mastectomy bras.

The course is suitable for independent bra fitters, lingerie shops and larger retail stores with bra fitters. Perfect timing for the Christmas rush?

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BraLadyOctober 17, 2019 9:41am
There are fantastic bras which are wired as well as brilliant bras which are non-wired. They both offer great support and shape, even up to the largest cup sizes (we stock an amazing soft cup bra in an L cup). What's your favourite bra style and why?

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BraLadyOctober 14, 2019 8:26pm
Feeling fabulous is something many women never feel when they wear a bra. We believe it's possible. But it can take time to find the right one/s for you.

What's your experience of feeling fabulous and bra wearing?

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BraLadyOctober 10, 2019 1:17pm
Are you aware your body changes shape and size during the day? That's the most likely cause of your bra being tight in the evening as your body has expanded. Yes, really!

During your monthly cycle your body and breasts alter even more, with some women needing different bras for different times of the month.

What's normal for you? Do you notice the changes in your body and breasts? How do you ensure your bras are always comfortable with the changes you notice?

#brahealth #breasthealth
BraLady shared a post.October 10, 2019 11:34am
Thanks Crawley BraLady for sharing this fabulous video about how to check your breasts by CoppaFeel!

#breastcancerawareness is so important. Not just this month, but every month. If you're not sure how to check or when to check start today.

Learn what's normal for you, so you can notice any changes. That's all it is. You're unique and so are your boobs. Check them so you can notice changes in the future.

Go on. Let us know when you've checked yours.

Today officially marks the beginning of #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth. For us chatting boobs isn't just in October, it's what we do day in day out, all year round. We are CoppaFeel! and we're on a mission to get you lot checking your bongos, baps and bazookas. Watch & take note. πŸ—’οΈ

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March 31, 2019 3:35am
I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Emma x https://t.co/3n13gPFg4y
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March 10, 2019 3:30pm
"So pleased with my new PERFECT fitting bras, nice to be properly measured, Emma has the time and knowledge to fit you correctly. Thank you!" Lynn
Do you want perfect fitting bras?
Get in touch to book your home bra fitting now!
March 7, 2019 8:40am
I love the Royce Lingerie Blossom Nursing Bra! The super-soft stretchy fabric allows for the cup to expand and contract to accommodate 3 cup fittings, which is perfect for the early days of feeding when you will experience significant changes in your breast size between feeds. https://t.co/OUdo3ki7zD emma_bralady photo
March 6, 2019 5:50pm
Your body is perfect just the way it is. Your bra is simply supporting and contouring your shape and keeping your back, neck and shoulders healthy.
Love your body.
Love your bra.
And if you don't? Get in touch and let me help you to find the right shape and style for you!
Emma x https://t.co/a3dBzQXIfv
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