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We all know that bras fit differently, but why? I’m here to support you, and during your bra fitting we’ll talk about why all the bras you’re trying are different, and which is best for you.

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BraLady Cambridge

Emma Launchbury is the BraLady in Cambridgeshire. I specialise in offering home bra fittings in maternity & nursing bras but can also fit post surgery, soft cup, sports and teen bras. I am a fully trained bra fitter and have personal experience of wearing the wrong sized bras whilst I was pregnant and breastfeeding so I understand the difficulties of buying bras whilst your body changes during this stage of your life! I am available to do individual home bra fittings, or group fittings. I cover Cambridge, St Neots, Huntingdon, St Ives, Ely and surrounding areas and can travel further by arrangement. I also run the online store www.bras4mums.co.uk so even if you are not in my area, I can help with bra fitting advice by email or phone to help you choose the right style and size of bra before making a purchase.
BraLady Cambridge
BraLady CambridgeApril 9, 2019 1:45pm
So this happened today! I have achieved my weight loss goal ⭐️ It's been a long journey, taking me just over 2 years, but I am so pleased that I have finally done it!
BraLady Cambridge
BraLady CambridgeApril 5, 2019 9:11am
It's the last day of term today for my boys, which we are ready for!

That does mean that I have limited availability for bra fittings over the next couple of weeks whilst they are at home, so do please get in touch if you know you will need a fitting.

Emma x
BraLady Cambridge
BraLady CambridgeApril 4, 2019 10:15am
I'm wearing a different hat today and learning about charitable incorporated organisations. I think I will need lots of coffee!!
BraLady Cambridge
BraLady CambridgeApril 2, 2019 12:00pm

Hi and a warm welcome to my page. Thank you for visiting, it's lovely to see you here. 💗

Are you struggling to find comfortable and supportive bras? 👙

Whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have undergone breast surgery (lumpectomy or mastectomy), are looking for normal everyday bras, a new sports bra, have lost or gained weight, or have a daughter needing her first bra, then I can help.

I have been a bra fitter for over 8 years and in that time, I have fitted hundreds of women in new bras.

I am a mum of 3, so have experience of how your body changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding and how a well fitted and supportive bra makes a difference during this exciting time of your life. 🤰🤱

I have also gone from a size 18/20 to a size 8/10, so know that wearing a well fitted bra makes a huge difference to your body confidence.

As a keen runner, I know that I need a high impact sports bra to prevent movement whilst running to avoid damaging my breasts. 🏃‍♀️

Bra fitting can be confusing! Even if you think you know your size, not all bras in that size will be right for you. Styles and shapes of bras differ, as does the shape of each individual lady, so it's not a case of 'one size/style fits all'.

Bra shopping can take time and effort, trailing around the shops or online, only to find nothing that you like or that fits. I know.... I have done it!!

I offer a home bra fitting service, so let me take the stress out of bra shopping and let me come and visit you to fit you in your new bras in the comfort of your own home.

With over 8 years of experience, I can find you a bra for whatever stage of life you are at.

Please get in touch to find out more or book a home bra fitting appointment.

Emma x
BraLady Cambridge
BraLady Cambridge was watching Line of Duty.March 31, 2019 9:02pm
Is anyone else excited about the new series starting this evening?!

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March 31, 2019 3:35am
I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Emma x https://t.co/3n13gPFg4y
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March 10, 2019 3:30pm
"So pleased with my new PERFECT fitting bras, nice to be properly measured, Emma has the time and knowledge to fit you correctly. Thank you!" Lynn
Do you want perfect fitting bras?
Get in touch to book your home bra fitting now!
March 7, 2019 8:40am
I love the Royce Lingerie Blossom Nursing Bra! The super-soft stretchy fabric allows for the cup to expand and contract to accommodate 3 cup fittings, which is perfect for the early days of feeding when you will experience significant changes in your breast size between feeds. https://t.co/OUdo3ki7zD emma_bralady photo
March 6, 2019 5:50pm
Your body is perfect just the way it is. Your bra is simply supporting and contouring your shape and keeping your back, neck and shoulders healthy.
Love your body.
Love your bra.
And if you don't? Get in touch and let me help you to find the right shape and style for you!
Emma x https://t.co/a3dBzQXIfv
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