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Do you always buy the same size of bra, whatever shape or style it is?

Do you try a bra on before buying it?

Do you try a bra on in the shop, think it is ok, but then when you put it on at home, it doesn’t seem to fit or doesn’t look right with a different top?

Do you want to know 4 simple rules for bra fitting?

Then read on…..

Number 1: The bra should be quite firm around the body and ideally fitted on the loosest eye.  By putting two fingers under the band and pulling gently away, the band should not be able to be pulled away from the back more than 1cm.  The band should be straight across the back and not riding up.  As your bra is worn and washed, it will start to stretch and lose it’s firmness, so by fitting on the loosest eye, you can tighten it over time to continue giving you the right support.

Number 2: Shoulder straps should be loosened or tightened as necessary.  They should not be too tight to cause marks and indentations on your shoulders, but equally should not be too loose that they keep slipping off your shoulders.  The strap will adjust with wash and wear so regularly ensure that it is the correct position for you.

Number 3: Breasts should be well enclosed within the cups of the bra.  When trying the bra on, scoop your breasts into the cup and ensure the band sits directly against the chest wall.  No breast should be bulging out under the band, under the arm or over the top of the cup.

Number 4: The centre front of the bra should sit reasonably close to the chest wall.  Depending on how close together your breasts are, or the style of the bra, the actual bra may not sit directly against your chest wall but should be as close as possible.  This is easier to achieve with a wired bra than a soft cup bra.

A well fitted bra

A well fitted bra

Following these tips above, should ensure that you get a well fitted bra.

However, you should also remember that every bra will fit differently, depending on its shape and style, so you won’t necessarily be the same size bra in each one you buy.

So when bra shopping, make sure you try the bras on before buying. Put your top back on to see what shape the bra gives you and think about whether this bra will be suitable with the rest of your wardrobe.  Also be aware of how your breasts change shape and size over the course of your menstrual cycle.  One bra may fit at one point in the month, but then you may need a different size for another time in the month.

Happy shopping! 🙂

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