I’ve got new running shoes!


Not that having new shoes is anything to blog about (I’m really not a ‘shoe’ person!) but the whole experience of buying these shoes reminded me so much of a bra fitting!

I have been running, on and off, for the last five years. I have always had a pair of ‘off the shelf’ trainers and worn them until they are almost falling apart. So this year, as my birthday present, my husband suggested that I get properly fitted for a pair of running shoes.

So on Saturday, I took myself off to the shop to see what I could find.

The main reason for going was for the gait analysis, which is basically a video taken of you running on a treadmill. The sales assistants then analyse how you are running and I was able to try five different styles of trainer, both on the treadmill being filmed so my gait could be checked in each one and out on the road as I mostly run outdoors.

By the end of my fitting, I had run in each pair of trainers a couple of times and had even mixed and matched the shoes so that I could feel the difference in them whilst running. I eventually decided on this pair and they have had their first outing today. I don’t think they made me run any quicker but they were so much more comfortable!

So how does this relate to a bra fitting?

Well, the trainers I was wearing were comfortable and I thought were ok to run in, but as soon as a put on a pair of ‘proper’ running shoes, I could immediately feel the difference, even before I started to run in them. My old trainers were certainly not supportive enough to be running in, were very old and worn and I could have actually injured myself running in them.

I get so many ladies who think the bras they are wearing are ok, maybe a bit old and worn, but still fine to wear. But, as soon as I put them into a new bra, they can’t believe the difference in how it feels. Firm, supportive, giving better shape and so much more comfortable.

I have now been enlightened in my buying of running shoes and even though they were more expensive than what I would normally pay, I have paid for expert advise and a pair of good quality, properly fitted trainers.

I often feel like that when I leave a fitting. Yes, it may cost for my service, instead of going into a shop and yes, the bras I sell may be more than what you are used to paying for a bra, but you have paid for expert advice and have been fitted in a supportive, properly fitted bra.

Oh, and the trainers should only last 400-600 miles or a year, depending on which comes first, because they will lose their support over time.

Bras should only last about 6 months because as they are worn and washed they will also lose their support.

In both cases, it is not about wanting to get another sale, but about making sure you are properly supported, whether in trainers for running or a bra in your everyday life. (There is a whole other blog about needing a proper sports bra to be written, but that is for another day!)

If I continue running, I shall definitely go back for proper shoes again and not buy off the shelf trainers! I just hope that once you have had a proper bra fitting, that you don’t go back to buying off the shelf bras again in the
size you always are, but try different sizes and styles to find the bra that fits and gives you the best support.

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