I’ve been a bra fitter for over four and a half years now, offering home bra fittings in and around Cambridgeshire. I specialise in fitting maternity and nursing bras, post surgery bras, soft cup bras, teen bras and sports bras. I stock a wide range of bras from many different suppliers so should be able to find something for everyone!

So why would you need to book me for a fitting?

Well, I come to you, so you can try bras on in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient for you.

You can try different clothes on with the bras to see how you look: different bras provide different shapes and you may need different sizes in different styles. How easy is it to try different bras in a shop, if the ones you took into the changing room don’t fit? Do you take different tops from home with you to try on when you are trying the bras?  Do you feel self conscious about trying bras on in a shop?

If you are about to have, or have just had a baby, you will not want to be nursing bra shopping in the high street stores. Small changing rooms with a big bump?! Where do you leave the baby? What if the baby needs a feed? Have you recovered from the birth? I find that many mums do not feel they are given much choice in bras in the high street, in a large enough range of styles and sizes, or that the sales assistants have much training or experience in fitting nursing bras.

Have you recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and are due to have a mastectomy?  Have you had a mastectomy but now don’t know how to find a bra that will help your body to heal? Do you want a bra that makes you feel ‘normal’ again? Are you undergoing chemotherapy and feel unable to go out shopping?  With the emotional rollercoaster ride that having a breast cancer diagnosis brings, do you really want to be heading out bra shopping?

Do you have mobility problems?  Are you unable to get out of the house? You might have a friend or relative who is in this situation but desperately wants a new bra to feel better about themselves.

Do you have a teenage daughter or niece who is just starting to develop and needs a bra? Do they feel self conscious and not want to get measured and fitted in a shop?

In all of the above cases, I can help!  I understand how bras fit and make you look and feel and how sometimes it is difficult to find the right size or style for you.  I’ve had three children, so know how your body changes through pregnancy and breastfeeding.  I’ve seen many ladies at different stages of their breast cancer treatment.  I visit those unable to get out of the house or are in a care home.  I’ve fitted teenage girls who feel uncomfortable with moving on to the next stage in their development.

I specialise in all of these different areas because these are times in your life when you may be feeling a bit insecure or vulnerable. I try to make the home fitting as relaxed and as comfortable for you as possible, working around your needs.  I want you to be happy and comfortable in the bras that you buy, knowing that they are right for you, whatever your circumstance happens to be.  So please <a href=”http://braladycambridge.co.uk/contact-me”>get in touch</a> if you would like to arrange a fitting for yourself, or someone you know who needs my help.

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