I am loving the Yummy Mummy programme!  Last week I lost another 4lbs, that is 11lbs in four weeks!

Last night I also ran for 30 minutes without stopping.  Admittedly, it wasn’t very quick, but the fact that I was able to run for 30 minutes was fantastic.  The last time I did that was before I became pregnant with number 3 son, so about two years ago.

I was back on track with my food this week, eating sensibly, the right portion sizes and snacking on fruit.

I did have a wobble on Thursday though.  My meals were fine but I was feeling very tired and reached for the wrong food to give me an energy boost.  I ate crisps, chocolate and a biscuit, but I put that day behind me and was careful for the rest of the week.

It just goes to show that by making some small adjustments, I can lose the weight and I feel so much better for it.  I can see that by the summer I will be closer, if not at, my goal weight which I have never quite achieved in the past and this is keeping me motivated.

This week will be much of the same, eating well and exercising!  I am hoping for another great weight loss next Monday morning!

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