This week, I have lost 1lb.  I am really pleased with this because it is not just all about the scales!

I have run three times during the week, for half an hour each time and have increased my pace and distance each time.  I have also been swimming and swam 60 lengths.

My clothes have felt looser this week and people have commented on how good I am looking.

So even though the scales don’t show that I have lost much weight this week, overall I have still lost 12lbs and I can feel the difference it is making to me.  And with the increase in exercise, I must be building up my muscles and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat!!

Going into this final week of my ‘official’ programme, I am pushing myself again, aiming to lose at least 2lbs so that I will have lost a stone over the six weeks.  I aim to run further again in each run, add in another swim and be really conscious about what I eat.

I will let you all know next week how I have done!

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